About Hair of the Dog Pet Grooming Santa Rosa, CA

Our Mission Statement: We groom in a loving, open and social environment where every pet is treated as our own.

Our Core Values

Our team will help your pet overcome their inhibitions. We have an exceptional success rate working with first-time puppy haircuts, elderly dogs and dogs that have had a bad grooming experience and are now fearful of the grooming process. Our open-style shop provides complete grooming services for dogs of all shapes and sizes using only the highest quality products.

– Do what is in the best interest of the pet first
– Provide safety, comfort and kindness
– Clearly communicate all information related to dog and client care
– Perform instructions meticulously and to completion
– Be honest and transparent in everything we do
– Love what we do

Things we Pride Ourselves in

– Knowing our customers
– Listening to clients’ needs and wants, and delivering on them
– Taking care of client’s dogs and cats as if they were our own
– Educating our clients about the care of their pets

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for your pets, and we hope to see you soon!

–Heather & Amy, Owners


– California Professional Pet Groomers Association – CPPGA
– National Dog Groomer Association of America – NDGAA

About Amy

After working for several years on the east coast in the wine industry, I came to Northern CA with the idea of working in a winery. I acquired a cellar position in a Sonoma County winery and got that out of my system. While there, I met a very special Black Lab named Maggie. She inspired me to pursue, in some way, my life-long fascination with dogs and wanting their warm and zany company on a regular basis.

I started studying dog training, but soon discovered it wasn’t control and obedience I wanted to give dogs—but rather something more nurturing and immediate. I also started Vet Tech classes at SRJC but alas, after shadowing at a few local Vet clinics, I realized that wasn’t for me either. In the meantime, I volunteered at the Forget-Me-Not Farm at the Sonoma Humane Society, where I mentored a foster teen in walking dogs and some basic training.

Eventually I found a job as a kennel assistant, which is where I met Heather, my grooming mentor, business partner and friend. Heather inspired me to become a groomer. Heather and I both approach grooming by trying to provide the loving comfort of home and the professionalism of a vet.

My husband, Robin, and I live with our furry family, which includes my shadow, Zuni, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who was given to me by a kind breeder I worked for briefly in Sebastopol; Woody, our 18 lb. Maine Coon cat and Dimitri, our Russian Blue kitty, both adopted from the Sonoma Humane Society.

About Heather

I have loved dogs as long as I can remember. I frequently dreamed of the time when I would spend my days working with dogs for a living. I worked at a veterinary clinic where I learned about the care of dogs and cats, but while working there I realized that I wanted to create a more specialized bond with pets and their owners.

I was then hired by a grooming shop in San Francisco, WAGS on Polk street, to bathe and walk dogs and to manage the store. After years of training in San Francisco, I moved to Santa Rosa, where I became the groomer at Town and Country Pet Resort, where I worked for four years. Over the years I have built a bond with many pets and their humans, and I look forward to meeting your four-legged friends.

In addition to a husband and two two-legged babies, Sienna and Orion, I have two four-legged babies, Tonka Truck and Cash Money. Tonka is an adopted Staffordshire terrier mix who is about 14 years old, and Cash is a 10-year old puggle who we rescued from a gentleman who was no longer able to care for him. We also have a one yellow-footed tortoise, Albie and a Hedgehog name Sweetie.

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